Can You Guess My Weight?


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Written by :: Casey Spindler, Nicholas Webber
Produced by :: Nicholas Webber, Casey Spindler, Chris Shaw


Can You Guess My Weight?

I got a whole lotta good things going
A list of people that I know I can be
I got you saying that I don't want to see you
Why don't you show me what you want me to see?

I got an anger that I can't control
With no respect for time or place
I got you saying that you need me to hold on
And that it ain't really me behind my face

I got people that I ain't even seen before
Telling everyone that they knew me when
I got you doing things and apologizing
When you know good and well you're gonna do them again

I got a sister bought a house in the suburbs
It's but a five minute drive from her mother
I got you heating water for tea before bed
Me, I shouldn't but I'm having another

I got money that ain't come in yet
It ain't half what it is I owe
I got you spending all of your time on me
Until the time comes that you gotta go

I got a close-knit group of guys back out west
You know that some have done better than others
I got you asking me what it is that holds us together
I said the blanket takes the shape that it covers

I got to get it all into the city
But first I got to get it on the trains
I got you trying to stop what's coming
While me, I wait here for what remains

I got a place out near Coney Island
They're gonna build it all up from the ground
I got you out trying to park your car
There ain't a single spot to be found

I got a shyness when it comes to women
It makes me feel like less of a man
I got you hearing that you can do better than me
And you tell me that, so you probably can

I got a fear that I'm gonna die young
And that I'll only have myself to blame
I got you looking nothing but older
And there's gonna come a day when we're all gonna look the same

I got an old mate I used to room with
He calls me up when he's drunk or in love
I got you holding court in the middle of the night
And push is moving over to shove

I got a new job don't take taxes
You know the coffee goes cold in a minute
I got you with all them things that you need to know
You can't reason through love when you're in it

I got a shelf full of books that I've mostly read
You know that books can be heavy to move
I got you still thinking that the ship is sinking
And that faith is having nothing to prove

I got a wisdom didn't come with age
All things we must learn to weather
I got you taking off all of your clothes
There ain't no one fire gonna burn forever

I got a world that I've got to return to
It disappeared somewhere along the line
I got you to remember my face, my love
If asked you can say it was mine


from Can't Reason Through Love, track released November 21, 2010

Tim Luntzel - bass
Dan Rieser - drums
Casey Spindler - vocals, guitar
Nicholas Webber - vocals, guitar, piano

Engineered and Mixed by :: Chris Shaw
Mastered by :: Greg Calbi

Recorded at :: Electric Lady Studios in NYC
Assistant Engineer: Paul Suarez
Additional tracking at :: Future Shock Studios in Brooklyn
Assistant Engineers: Brendan Beu, Willie Chen
Mixed at :: Sparky Space in Brooklyn
Mastered at :: Sterling Sound in NYC

Publishing: Cornish Hen Music / Wibald Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


NICKCASEY Brooklyn, New York

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