Can't Reason Through Love


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All songs written by :: Casey Spindler, Nicholas Webber
Produced by :: Nicholas Webber, Casey Spindler, Chris Shaw


released November 21, 2010


Tim Luntzel - bass
Dan Rieser - drums
Casey Spindler - vocals, guitar
Nicholas Webber - vocals, guitar, piano

Jim Campilongo - guitar on "Bandages"

Engineered and Mixed by :: Chris Shaw
Mastered by :: Greg Calbi

Recorded at :: Electric Lady Studios in NYC
Assistant Engineer: Paul Suarez
Additional tracking at :: Future Shock Studios in Brooklyn
Assistant Engineers: Brendan Beu, Willie Chen
Mixed at :: Sparky Space in Brooklyn
Mastered at :: Sterling Sound in NYC

Graphic design by :: Thomas Capossela
Front cover photo by :: Kayti Haugh
Inside photo by :: Eve Reinhardt

Thanks to Ann Courtney, Ryan Dickie, Sharon Eisman,
John Heginbotham, Alison Pill, Casey Shea,
The Spindler Family, Jef Taylor, Michael Tisdale,
Anthony and Debra Webber

Publishing: Cornish Hen Music / Wibald Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


NICKCASEY Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Can You Guess My Weight?
Can You Guess My Weight?

I got a whole lotta good things going
A list of people that I know I can be
I got you saying that I don't want to see you
Why don't you show me what you want me to see?

I got an anger that I can't control
With no respect for time or place
I got you saying that you need me to hold on
And that it ain't really me behind my face

I got people that I ain't even seen before
Telling everyone that they knew me when
I got you doing things and apologizing
When you know good and well you're gonna do them again

I got a sister bought a house in the suburbs
It's but a five minute drive from her mother
I got you heating water for tea before bed
Me, I shouldn't but I'm having another

I got money that ain't come in yet
It ain't half what it is I owe
I got you spending all of your time on me
Until the time comes that you gotta go

I got a close-knit group of guys back out west
You know that some have done better than others
I got you asking me what it is that holds us together
I said the blanket takes the shape that it covers

I got to get it all into the city
But first I got to get it on the trains
I got you trying to stop what's coming
While me, I wait here for what remains

I got a place out near Coney Island
They're gonna build it all up from the ground
I got you out trying to park your car
There ain't a single spot to be found

I got a shyness when it comes to women
It makes me feel like less of a man
I got you hearing that you can do better than me
And you tell me that, so you probably can

I got a fear that I'm gonna die young
And that I'll only have myself to blame
I got you looking nothing but older
And there's gonna come a day when we're all gonna look the same

I got an old mate I used to room with
He calls me up when he's drunk or in love
I got you holding court in the middle of the night
And push is moving over to shove

I got a new job don't take taxes
You know the coffee goes cold in a minute
I got you with all them things that you need to know
You can't reason through love when you're in it

I got a shelf full of books that I've mostly read
You know that books can be heavy to move
I got you still thinking that the ship is sinking
And that faith is having nothing to prove

I got a wisdom didn't come with age
All things we must learn to weather
I got you taking off all of your clothes
There ain't no one fire gonna burn forever

I got a world that I've got to return to
It disappeared somewhere along the line
I got you to remember my face, my love
If asked you can say it was mine
Track Name: In His House
In His House

Alone at the table in the room we shared last night
Looks different in the light, our empty jug of wine
She is still asleep

This is not my house, she is not my girl
And I'll be back tonight to see what else I can bring upon myself
I am a visitor in his house

She called last night and I walked here in the rain
She said her man was doing wrong and it'd been going on so long
He doesn't know what he has

This is not my house, she is not my girl
And I'll be back tonight to see what else I can bring upon myself
I am a visitor in his house

He's working a job somewhere out of town
She still rolls the shade down when I come around
I leave my boots next to his

Wine on the rug and the pillowcase
A long-stemmed glass on its side in the big red stain
Her hair fanned out on his sheets

This is not my house; she is not my girl
And I'll be back tonight to see what else I can bring upon myself
I am a visitor in his house

Alone at the table in the room we shared last night
Looks different in the light
Track Name: French Movie
French Movie

I was watching this movie and I had to pay attention
'Cause everyone was speaking French
A man and a woman, they were standing in a doorway
They asked very plainly for what they wanted

And I thought of you, how you led me to believe
Things were one way when they were another
You were not straight with me, you did as you pleased
I did things for you when I didn't want to

I've got this one friend she calls herself a warhorse of love
We stay up late talking
She's got an old record player in a room lit by candles
She says it's not easy for anyone

I know it's not gonna happen, but if for some reason
We pass each other in the street
If I am walking by myself or with someone else
Just let me go where I am going

I read a poem a man wrote not long ago, he said it happens at least once to everyone
He also said knowing that doesn't make much difference
He said a lot of people think they're surviving, they think they're really making it through
When all they're doing is simply becoming hard

I don't want to make other people pay, they have their own things they're going through
They don't have anything to do with you
I don't wish the same pain on you, what good would it do?
It wouldn't change anything for me

The longer I'm here the more I see
There's people of all kinds
I just never thought I'd have to worry about you
Track Name: The Freeway
The Freeway

I got a woman and she’s got a thing for me
We’ve got our reasons
We have a good time, I like her next to me
Our love is pleasing

There was an old time when you were everything
And we felt the season
I hope the next time when you run into me
It won’t be freezing

Sometimes this city, it gets so loud it wears on me
And you can’t do but shut down
It would take a jet plane, fly in and land on me
To make me come around

When we sleep at her place we gotta pull the bed out
Space here's expensive
When we stay at my house we gotta take the train out
And it’s time intensive

I had a friend who got back in touch with me
She said she'd found Jesus
She sounded different and we talked a long time
About what’s been troubling us

I ain’t ever fought none, ain’t ever hit a man
Haven’t felt the need to
Though I've said my share of such sad and hurtful things
When I did not mean to

My grandma's one of about fourteen children
One of the oldest
And my dad was not from both her and her husband
Though he never told us

When I come upon faceless anxieties
I try to trace them
I’m all alone here, I’m out on my own dear
Where did you come from?

I’ve ended up where I’ve ended up
And there have been some bad deals
Let’s do some good, let's be done some good by
Let's see how some good feels

Gone is Bo Diddley, gone is my grandpa
They had their heyday
I will run into someone I know today
I miss the freeway
Track Name: Medicine

You don't think, why aren't you on medicine?
I need a drink and I ain't gonna pay for it
You speak only of lonely hard times
How you want to own something and sell your new record

Why do you call my friends when you got your own?
Why do they call my house? Honey, you don't live here no more
You did it on your own, accepted every loan
You say that you're far from home - me, I say you're broken

There's one I need to call, same one you need to call
She was real good to us all and that used to mean something
Man try to get ahead, put down what's in his head
Let's keep the covers on the bed and let's paint a picture of something

Do you remember Paris? I remember Paris
I just met this girl from Paris and boy, she looks like a dream
You were a dream back then, you were a dream before
When I wasn't every other man and when you did not need me

You will be on the road and I will be on the road
You will go with your sister and I will go with a band
Gonna see them states again, pass different plates again
Note change in gas rates and the landscapes of the South

What about the books we read? What about the doubts we fed?
There were a few leads that we followed all the way through to the end
And I ain't looking for lessons here, I do not need meaning
Give me a CD to spin, let's make it something I can dance to

You say that you want to see me again, go ahead
You know where to find me, at least who you call me
I always liked what you said that you saw in me
It's like the love you gave; honey, it's just something you said

Right now I'm right here, right now I'm thinking of you
Right now I'm in it for me but I'm thinking of you too
Take care your winter health and don't listen to anyone
Beware your best intentions and what no one mentions
Track Name: Total Or Nearly
Total Or Nearly

In the sort of state I've often found myself
A servant in his master's bad books
Worry distorts what actually happens
And my presence of mind gets shook

Decency can be harder to find than one might think
Some of us are all money and no class
Drown out the beating of a frantic heart
Let the reckless passion pass

Deception is the lie of the land
Best to conceal your love
Plenty of people to talk you into something
They won't stick around to help you out of

Strange how self-respect can lead to monstrous disregard for others
Up and move off the grid, I've got half a mind to
If you don't put yourself in harm's way
Harm may never find you

My dear friend was a young man when he caught his death
His unavoidable destiny
He was sent packing and my own affairs
Are a matter of some urgency

Try and be anything than what you are and see where it gets you
It takes some time to figure yourself out
When we talk about him now no one says his name
We all know who we're talking about

In my time I've made some bad things worse
You don't have to explain yourself to me
Even the keepers of innocent intentions
Are susceptible to flattery

Well they divvied it up and we all got a piece
They say you can kill a man with a checkbook or an arrow and bow
I don't know what to do with my only given life
I'm gonna put things where I think they should go

No protection from all that will be done
Heaven won't preserve us from our fate
I'm outside my range in a fraudulent deal
Nothing to do but wait

It gives me no great pleasure, I don't relish the prospect
On this particular occasion the worst is true
I got one day more above ground
And I'm gonna spend it with you
Track Name: Natural Law
Natural Law

Doing things I don't know anything about, trying to fit in where I don't belong
Never had reason to doubt 'til something better came along
Two people out at sea getting sick of each other
Avoid one catastrophe and you walk right into another

I don't keep a diary, I've never seen a shrink
If you assume it turns me on when you lie to me you're worse at this than you think
I blew my cover, she said I would
A bloodthirsty lover never did anyone any good

I'm underground, I've got sand in my head
Anyone standing around could end up in my bed

Caught up in a whirlwind, got her soft skin burned
I heard she's someone's girlfriend, guess I'll have to wait my turn
Put on your gloves and scrub me under a slow-turning fan
Don't tell me that you love me and then treat me like a backup plan

You can't stop getting older, pray you still have some friends
She quotes what I told her, I can never go back again
The hostel they got high in, the only time he ever slapped you
I wanted her to stop crying so I said what I had to

A Gideon Bible and a smoker's cough
Those who announce their arrival have always pissed me off

He's good enough for my daughter, his mother's always in the paper
As long as they live in the house I bought her he can tie her up and videotape her
I'll tell you how it's gonna be, I've thought it through
I can't pull myself out of my misery, I'm depending on you

There's a hole in my cup, fire in my shoes
Anytime his name comes up it's never good news
It was my turn to be free, I did what I wanted to do
You're not me, I don't care what happens to you

I can be forgiving of a certain flaw
She was just living by her natural law

She'll tell you I'm deranged, that's not the case
People act strange when they're not in the right place

Put no one above them whatever you do
Don't tell them you love them when it's no longer true
Track Name: Ditch In The Yard
Ditch In The Yard

I ain't gonna try no more, I ain't gonna try no more
I did all I could and there ain't nothing good I've got to show for
I ain't gonna try no more

I ain't gonna lie to you, I ain't gonna lie to you
You lied to me and I could see right through
I ain't gonna lie to you

I ain't gonna love too hard, I ain't gonna love too hard
Cook in the kitchen, dig up a ditch in the yard
I ain't gonna love too hard

I ain't gonna drink no booze, I ain't gonna drink no booze
There will be fights and there will be nights I lose
I ain't gonna drink no booze

I ain't gonna cry no tears, I ain't gonna cry no tears
I accept my sentence, all the consequences here
I ain't gonna cry no tears

I ain't gonna judge no deed, I ain't gonna judge no deed
When everything changes so do the ranges of need
I ain't gonna judge no deed

I ain't gonna die today, I ain't gonna die today
A good friend once said a hat tight on the head won't blow away
I ain't gonna die today

I ain't gonna live no dream, I ain't gonna live no dream
You got your shot and you found out it's not what it seems
I ain't gonna live no dream

I ain't gonna blame no girl, I ain't gonna blame no girl
Dignity and gold are both weighed and sold in this world
I ain't gonna blame no girl
Track Name: One Day Soon
One Day Soon

Growing older is a series of goodbyes
People and things around you change
One day soon we will be gone

All those still living have had and lost
It's right tough, baby, holding on for any time at all

The only way to love anyone
One day soon we will be gone

Things you do when no one's around
You alone know what you have done

Someday, someone will do you wrong
They will tell you it's your fault
You must decide if that is true

Someday, someone will move in close
They will ask you do you ever feel alone?

The only way to love anyone
One day soon we will be gone

One day soon we will be gone
One day soon we will be gone
One day soon
Track Name: Bandages

There's an old drunk upstairs, at night I hear the bottle drop
There's an old drunk upstairs, at night I hear the bottle drop
There's an old drunk upstairs, at night I hear the bottle drop

His wife died drinking glue in the wood shop
I heard him last night screaming in the stairwell
I can't sleep with my neck on the chopping block

We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages

He's got a son upstate at Napanoch
Who crossed the line in an all-night coffee shop
He used to write but the letters came back
Now he's tripping over bottles 'cause he painted the windows black
It took two coats

We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
No one gets hurt

Call off the search, call off the search
Call off the search, call off the search
Call off the search, call off the search
Call off the search

His wife was a beauty, just looking at the woman made you...
His wife was a beauty, just looking at the woman made you...
His wife was a beauty, just looking at the woman made you hungry
Made you question your ambition to do anything
But stay in bed all day, eat 'til you're sick
Scraping the plate with her cherry red pump

We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
No one gets hurt in this house

When he was seventeen he was working at Owen's Funeral Home
The green awning in white letters: where beauty lessens your grief
Working for his cousin who used to be a priest, picking up the deceased
Got to fix up what's been messed up
If you want to get dressed up

Meet me at the church, meet me at the church
Meet me at the church, meet me at the church
Meet me at the church, meet me at the church
Meet me at the church

I hear his heavy steps, he's talking to himself
The wine glasses rattle on my kitchen shelf
People say there's no one worse than him
But if he ever comes knocking I'm gonna let him in

We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
We don't have any bandages
No one gets hurt in this house
Track Name: Everything Has Leveled
Everything Has Leveled

Someday, should you stand beside me
Spare me what was wanted and was
Half of the time I go on without you
It don’t make no difference but the rest sure does

You reassured me of my good intentions
How deserving of a lover's best
When it was that in you and tears that drew me
Your mind awake, me sound asleep on your chest

How things have changed, how I see things different
Now that I can finally respect myself again
And you left me breathless, you cut through like diamonds
Blew back the fog in the minds of madmen

You will not find me in a world of favors
This is my place much as it is yours
Here walls are thin, here floors are wooden
You're gonna hear my boots before my keys in the door

I read aloud so to let you safely drift first
And wake to find you folded in the dark
Giving credence to a pain with no place
You brought my world down with a strength to mark

I lost the faith I had in a hope for your health
In a life appropriately disheveled
Still these feelings carry weight and wonder
And somehow everything has leveled